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Air conditioning is essential in West Palm Beach, Florida. With humidity and high temperatures in the summer and hot nights even in the winter


Although Air conditioning is essential in West Palm Beach, Florida, we do get cold snaps that have us turning on the heat.

Air Quality

Home is where you expect to feel safe, but poor air quality can affect your health. Numerous factors affect the air quality in your home.
HVAC Service In West Palm Beach And Broward County Area

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COLD AIR 4 U is your trusted HVAC service company in West Palm Beach and Broward County area for all your air conditioning and heating needs. We offer service, maintenance, air quality, and new installations as needed. Our full-time certified technicians are always on-call because we are here to help you when you need us most.

Emergency Service: When you call for emergency service, you will never get an answering service, no matter what time of day or night or day of the year. Our staff mans the phones 24/7, 365 days a year.
We believe that regular professional preventive maintenance of your cooling and heating system will provide more comfort and stand a better chance of longer life and efficient operation.
COLD AIR 4 U assures that all of our technicians are thoroughly trained in the field and classroom. All techs attend continuing education classes to keep current with our changing industry.

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ColdAir4U has been serving the HVAC needs of West Palm Beach area customers since 1998. Esther, the owner, is likely the person answering your call. Esther is a Florida state licensed HVAC contractor and has owned the company since 2012. The mom of three kids with allergies is serious about clean air in the home and workplace and has made it a mission to provide solutions and services that help people breathe better.
HVAC Service Expert

Esther Toth

HVAC Service In West Palm Beach And Broward County Area


Great service ! My A/C broke and wasn't cooling. I called at 10:30pm and Esther was very helpful working with me to try options to reset the system. I didn't work so we scheduled a service call for the next morning. The technician was very pleasant and knowledgeable and got the system working quickly. My house is now very cool! I am so happy and I would highly recommend ColdAir4u for A/C repairs. Thank you Esther!


First, I found Esther to be a responsive considerate person. The technicians were professional and I felt they knew their job.Charges were found to be reasonable. They cared about our comfort as we were without air conditioning in this hot weather. Thanks for a good job.


The inspector refused to approve their work. All licensed companies found it weird some electric work wasn’t provided as it is generally done for safety features required by city codes. At last, keeping up with that poor work costed us $1000.00 dollars on top of their pricey $5k. Providing a beautiful system, and cold air, is not enough, SAFETY compliance is also required by local laws and they refused to provide that level of service and care.


I started using ColdAir4U two years ago when my previous provider failed to show up and respond. Ester is always responsive and the service technician are so pleasant to deal with when they arrive as promised. Fair, great service and great to do business with. I highly recommend ColdAir4U.


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