Air Quality

Home is where you expect to feel safe, but poor air quality can affect your health. Numerous factors affect the air quality in your home. If you suspect bad air, call ColdAir4U of West Palm Beach. ColdAir4U offers solutions to take control of your home environment! Contact us for an evaluation at (561) 366-7079.

Typical culprits of poor home air quality are:

• Approved Technicians for Major Brands
• Accumulation of dust or growths in AC/Heater units
• Dirty air vents (dust, animal feces, mites, mold)
• Pollen and bacteria build up
• Carbon monoxide from furnaces or fireplaces
• Gases from fabricated furniture and carpet (formaldehyde and glue)
• Animal dander, hair and feces, insects
• Cooking grease and odor build-up.


Air Quality Rx – Our technician will diagnose the problem and offer a prescription to remedy the situation. Your HVAC unit (inside and outside) and air ducts will be inspected. The unit may need to be cleaned of grime so it’s not blowing bad air through the vents. The airducts will be evaluated and cleaned if you want; our tech will change and install the air filters; adjust efficiency of the unit; and may install ultra-violet lighting to reduce growths inside of unit. Electrostatic filters are options, as are Health Smart filters, particularly used in homes by folks with serious health challenges. We offer odor elimination remedies too.

Air Duct Cleaning – Dirty ducts just recirculate particulates that may trigger allergies, asthma or bronchitis. Air duct cleaning is an easy solution and should be done along with a cleaning of the HVAC unit.

Air Filter Enhancement – Good air filters can improve your home air quality. We have several options for average use and for those with at-risk health conditions, we have antimicrobial and electrostatic filters.

Air Duct Repair – If your temperature isn’t consistent or you notice higher energy costs, it may be unit in need of maintenance service and/or air gaps in your duct system. Call us for an evaluation.


“I had a moldly smell in my house and I thought it was coming from the attic. I was told by a mold assessor to have my AC unit looked at before he comes to do the expensive tests. He said 90% of the time the odor is coming from the AC unit. I called ColdAir4U for an Air Quality Rx and when the tech opened my six-year-old Trane unit, he showed me the growth and dust throughout the inside of the unit. It was disgusting. I grabbed my camera and took pictures. The tech disassembled the unit and disinfected every tube, blade and thingy inside, then with my permission he added two more UV lights—I had one already but it wasn’t in the right place, nor was it enough. He cleaned the air intake area and the drip valve—he showed me how to maintain that. Then Esther, the owner of the company, set me up with a new super air filter and replacement filters—I promised to change the filter every 2 months. The tech then wiped down the vents throughout my house. OMG. The difference in air quality was immediate. No more headaches or dripping nose. Another big benefit was that I didn’t have to set the temp so low to keep the house cool—the service had a real impact on the efficiency of my AC. I highly recommend ColdAir4U for fair price and quality service. I also liked that they arrived when they said they would.”

Karen G., Wellington, Fla.