Air conditioning is essential in West Palm Beach, Florida. With humidity and high temperatures in the summer and hot nights even in the winter, ColdAir4U will keep your AC system running at peak performance. Whether, repair, cleaning, maintenance or replacement, ColdAir4U technicians will take care of your system and keep you comfortable. Fair prices. 100% financing available for qualified customers. When quality counts, call (561) 366-7079.

Residential & Commercial

• Approved Technicians for Major Brands
• Emergency Repair Service
• 14-Point Inspection and Service
• Replacement Parts
• Full System Replacement
• Maintenance Programs
• Air Quality RX

If you close-up your house for the summer, be sure to have ColdAir4U inspect and prepare you unit when you return.

14-Point Preventative Maintenance Inspection

1. Check condenser coil and clean
2. Check condensate drain and clean
3. Check and adjust blower components
4. Check thermostat calibration
5. Check safety controls where applicable
6. Check all electrical connections
7. Check voltage and amperage on motors
8. Check operating pressures for proper refrigerant charge
9. Change or clean air filter
10. Lubricate all moving parts
11. Check for correct airflow
12. Check starting capabilities
13. Check blower motor belts
14. Evaluate system efficiency


My AC was freezing up on the hottest weekend of 2016 so far. I panicked because I didn’t really have the extra cash and assumed I’d pay out the nose for a Saturday service call. Instead of going online to look for help I called some fellow homeowner friends to get recommendations. My brother in law told me to call Cold Air 4 U and mention his name because they bailed him out of an emergency situation a few weeks prior. I made the call and was relieved by the sympathetic voice on the other end of the phone after all I was completely at their mercy and it was pushing 100 degrees. The technician came to my house within an hour and was a professional & courteous from top to bottom. Turned out I just needed a couple pounds of Freon and I was ready to roll. Honestly they could have told me I needed an entire air handler, new coils, etc., I wouldn’t have known the difference. I was prepared to pay $1500 that day and was cold again for $150 bucks wow it was shocking. Needless to say I strongly recommend Cold Air 4 U, a local family owned business and would not hesitate to use them again myself but prefer never see them again!

Paul R. ( from YELP)
West Boca Raton, Fla.