R-410A vs. R-22 Gas

The Clean Air Act of 1990 mandated a gradual phase-out of the R-22 refrigerant used in many cooling systems. Testing deemed the R-410A refrigerant as a superior replacement for industry standards because of performance and energy efficiency. Manufacturers of air conditioning units that formerly utilized R-22 have been updating product lines since 2004 to accommodate the new refrigerant. The deadline for manufacture of R-22 systems was January 2010.

The heat-transfer properties available in R-410A refrigerant units offer consumers higher-efficiency performance and rating. Upgrading to a new system provides future cost savings as R-22 refrigerant continues to be phased out and increases in price.At this point we highly recommend having a new system installed which operates on R410A Freon. These new systems are very efficient and do not contain chlorine that can harm the environment. And last but not least with the cost of R22 sky rocketing, R410A is the way to go.

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